Saturday, January 5, 2013

The White Blanket

Born in the southern part of India and raised entirely there, it was but naural for me to adapt to the pleasant weather there. Classic example of Charles Darwin's theory. Hey, c'mon I'm talking Hyderabad. So it is pleasant. Not the drippy Chennai weather, where you take a bath  only to find yourself completely drenched in your own sweat. No, this is different. You can walk out in the winter in your summer clothing, or use the pullover to make a fashion statement. Either ways the weather is not extreme. We've never had to walk out of our comfort zone. Well, we've graduated from the cooler to the AC, but still... not a giant leap of mankind.

And since we have only three seasons (Summer, Rainy and Winter), I had no idea what spring and fall felt like. My husband had a faint idea, but then again with all the global warming, his part of the country - the northern part- only has two seasons. Hot and Cold. So when we moved to Seattle and saw the first colors of fall - boy were we awestruck. Now,  I know Seattle is not necessarily known for the colors - it's mostly green. But what little we saw was breathtaking. 
The yellows, reds, orange, brown, green - it was a visual treat and a great opportunity to recap Driti's knowledge of colors. We were finally in some Bollywood movie.

And then it got better. It's winter here! I know, it sounds unbelievable that I am excited about winter. I mean, really, I could freeze if I scanned through the refrigerator for more than thirty seconds. That's why I always plan what I need from there and pick it up before I count to ten. But with the central heating system, the electric blanket, the additional space heater I am warm enough - infact it actually feels like summer at home. And when we step out, it's only from home to the car - so that's ok too. I usually have four layers on me to keep me warm.

And this is the first time we're driving through an ice cream cone. We went up Mt Rainier with Bhai, Bhabhi and Shiv who visited us over new years. And boy is the snow an experience! It wasn't new to the brood from Canada, but for us, it was sheer joy! Driti wanted to figure out where Santa stayed and I wanted to make snowballs and throw at everybody - which ofcourse I did. I loved. We loved it!

Paradise, is a must see. It's better in Spring, but you can have so much fun in the snow too. Just remember to bring your equipment. We didn't and so the kids 'tubed' in their own clothes and came out soaking wet. Just make sure you're on time and have access to the little cafeteria at Paradise. Hot coffee or chai latte ( I hate it, but that's Ady's choicest drink in Seattle.. so I have to mention it here), is a must have after your experience in the white. And don't forget to just pick the snow and eat it.. just like that.. it is amazing.. and I didn't even stop Driti this time.. if she did catch cold, I could handle it later!

We drove from Seattle to Mt Rainier, Ady's first experience driving in the snow. We rented out chains as it is illegal to drive without them. If you can, get those cool magnets and T-shirts from the local shop. I just wish our driver had a little patience and we could shop a little more to fondly remember our trip. But there are pictures, oh so many pictures - and we will  come around to uploading them, before Driti turns thirty. Else she will do so herself.

But - walk through snow, and throw snowball on a total stranger - check. 

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