Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sleeping Beauty and the Pea

If you want culture shock to high- five you, this is the show you should go to. 

Performed by the Fremont players, the write up to Sleeping Beauty and the Pea says, "You'll see large colorful characters, men dressed as women, women dressed as men. You'll be encouraged to boo at the villain, cheer for the hero, and applaud the Magical Cow!" 

And that's just the beginning. When we planned for the show, it was because the adults get to have beers while the kids are watching the act. Rarely do you find shows like this - this was our first, anywhere we've been to and hence this gets a special mention in the travelogue.

The show was at Hale's Paladium and surely, there was lots of ale. It was an old workshop converted into a theater. My daughter liked the stage so much, she even went up to the orchestra to let her up. Pity, she wasn't a part of the 'Fremont Players'.

The show started off with Simon Neale setting the 'ground rules',  "When somebody says, 'Oh no it doesn't', you say, 'Oh yes it does'", and there was no more explanation needed. He made us stand up and sit down everytime we heard the sound 'ba', in 'Bring back my bonnie to me'. So that was quite the calorie burner, and a good warm up exercise (sorry, HR in me).

Every time the evil fairy, (Debbie Tully) came up, we were to hiss and boo - and soon we just loved to boo at her.

And then when Esmerelda came on stage, the beautiful fairy godmother, in her pink tutu, long red hair and untrimmed mustache - yes it was Simon again - (s)he made us hold our tummies and laugh uncontrollably. 

I am not going to write too much on the story, you know it only too well from listening to it so many times since you were two. are the highlights.

After she lost the Godmother contest, the evil godmother cursed Sleeping beauty  that she'd be accosted by a prick. And when our beloved Esmerelda eases it by making her only sleep, we heave a sigh of relief! What drama!

At 21, Sleeping beauty has a deep moment and asks rhetorically, "What do I do?" and someone from the audience cried out, "Get a prenup!"

The king's helper, the dim-wit Nigel was especially clear, with his punctuated English accent, every-time the King needed help bringing up his beloved Beauty.

In the 'Pea' part of the play, the super blond 'wannabe pageant- queen', queen who's all boom-boom up and down, seeks the help of a fairy Godmother, yes the evil one - (yikes, what was she thinking?) to get her son married.The short prince (played by a woman), is not so dim-witted as his mother and leaves home from the cruel clutches of the evil godmother to search for his bride. 

On his sojourn, he finds Sleeping Beauty and - kiss- slap- kiss-love. 

And with all the booing, the jeers, the hisses, a wonderful memory is made. No, I did not giving the ending away!

It was truly an entertaining and engaging experience.  We'll be sure to go to the play next year - this holiday tradition shall continue.

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