Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finding the drop in!

If you have an extroverted kid, most of your time indoors, is plain torture. I understand and empathize with you completely. You either have to keep him or her constantly engaged or you have to remain outdoors till the cows come home. Now in India, cows do come home - but here - well, that's not even a possibility. 

We moved to the US a few months ago with our 3 year old. And Driti, is a firecracker.  Back in India, she used to go to school for  8 hours. And moving to the US, we were temporarily given a corporate housing in an uptown location, in a luxury condo. It was great and everybody who visited us fell in love with it. But to the kid - it was no less than a prison cell. Back in India, she could just barge into the neighbors' houses and  here the doors were always locked and every sound invoked complaints from irate neighbors. So I had to take her outdoors - at least as much as I could. We went to the parks, the play areas and explored some classes. Driti's school was to begin in fall and we had a good two months in hand. She needed social interaction - she needed to see friends and talk. I did a lot of research and finally narrowed down on Trettin Drop In. It is truly a God send, for emergencies, for impromptu child care and for your child - it's a great avenue to learn, explore and socialize. They even have kids going there for regular classes and I am truly amazed at all the creative work these kids come out with!

D loved it from the word go. I started off with a couple of hours and she would cry when I came to pick her up. To her, an American teacher is named 'Suzy' from 'Sid the Science Kid' and was I glad to find a teacher Sue here! The teachers are very dedicated and spend a lot of time with the kids through show and tell, crafts and art, stories, and it's so much fun - I'd like to enroll here!

The process itself was hassle free -we had to fill in the basic forms, sign up and we were ready to go! I would for sure, rate this place as truly awesome! There have been an increasing number of drop ins off late, here in Seattle - but my preference has been for Trettin! Mary Jo and the staff truly manage this place wonderfully!

You have an option of bringing your own lunch or buying it there. And the snacks - are free! Driti enjoys dabbing herself in color or playing with all those blocks or listening to so many stories! Its always been a calorie burner- trying to get Driti back home from here.I pull, she tries to hold on to everything she can. Thanks to the ladies, who help make her understand that she does have a home and needs to go there, my little energy ball winds up in my arms only to be promised that we will be back soon.